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Sacramento Professional License Defense Lawyer – California Professional Licenses

If you possess a CA professional license or are applying for such and your fitness to hold the license is being investigated, you should always consult with an experienced Sacramento professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner.

Such licensing investigations are complicated and stressful matters.

sacramento professional license defense lawyerOften the licensing board at issue, for example the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, the CA Board of Registered Nursing, the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the CA Board of Real Estate, the CA Medical Board, etc… will offer to not suspend or revoke the license if the licensee agrees to placement on probation with the board. It is essential that you consult with a Sacramento professional license defense lawyer before agreeing to any such settlement that involves probation.

Each board or licensing agency has Disciplinary Guidelines that lay out all of the potential terms and conditions of probation with the board. It is key that you get a copy of those Disciplinary Guidelines at the outset of any licensing investigation matter. Some typical terms and conditions of probation with a licensing board are relatively easy to abide by. For example, you may be required to check in periodically with a probation supervisor. Other terms and conditions can be extremely taxing and can make it very difficult for the licensee to obtain employment under the license. For instance, many of the licensing boards in the health care field overseen by the CA Department of Consumer Affairs include a probation condition requiring that the licensee be constantly supervised during the work day. This means any employment that requires the professional to work independently, such as providing home nursing care, is forbidden.

The term of probation with a CA licensing board or agency is typically 2 to 4 years. Most licensing agencies do have procedures for applying for early termination of probation or modification of probation. Definitely consult a professional license defense attorney if you are trying to terminate or modify your probation with a licensing board.

In sum, at first glance an offer of probation rather than license suspension or revocation may look like a great deal. However, having a probationary professional license may end up being no better than not having the license at all. If you are being investigated by a CA professional licensing board and/or have received a Statement of Issues or Accusation from one of California’s numerous licensing boards, contact professional license defense attorney Jonathan Turner for a free consultation.

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Sacramento Professional License Defense Lawyer – Law Office of Jonathan Turner

Sacramento Professional License Defense Lawyer – California Professional Licenses
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