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Letters of Investigation from the Department of Consumer Affairs

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Department of Consumer Affairs

Complaints Against CA Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Physical Therapists and Veterinarians

If a Complaint is made to the Medical Board of CA, the Board of Psychology, the Dental Board of CA, the Osteopathic Medical Board of CA, the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the Board of Registered Nursing, the State Board of Optometry, the Veterinary Medical Board, the Physical Therapy Board of CA, the CA State Board of Pharmacy, the Speech-Language Pathology Board regarding a licensee. The applicable board and/or the CA Department of Consumer Affairs will conduct an investigation. As part of that investigation the licensed CA physician, nurse, healthcare worker, etc… often receives a letter indicating that a complaint has been made and that the Board’s or DCA’s Investigator is conducting an interview as part of that investigation. The letter will then direct the licensed medical professional to contact the named investigator to set up such an interview.

If you are a California medical or osteopathic doctor, a registered nurse, pharmacist, chiropractor, dentist, etc… and receive such a letter, it is crucial that you contact the Law Office of Jonathan Turner immediately to find out what your rights are when your applicable CA Board is conducting such an investigation made by a former patient, hospital, co-worker or employer.

For example, under CA Business and Professions Code section 800(c) you or your attorney has a right to inspect your file and the complaint within the Board’s/Department of Consumer Affairs file. You also have the right to have legal counsel i.e. an experienced California Administrative Law lawyer like Jonathan Turner with you during any such interview. Note, the aforementioned letter of investigation does not mention the right to counsel because the Board’s investigators would prefer that you not be represented by a lawyer. Also, you may have the right to choose not to participate in such an interview, which is normally conducted either by telephone or in an investigation field office. Some Boards require participation in such interviews however many others do not. It is again important to consult with a professional license defense and administrative law attorney like Jonathan Turner to determine whether your participation in such an investigatory interview is required under the particular CA licensing board’s statutes and regulations.

In conjunction with such an investigation, you, as a CA medical doctor, osteopathic doctor, pharmacist, registered nurse, veterinarian, speech pathologist, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc… may receive a letter requesting access to certain employment and/or health records. The letter from the Board’s investigator or the CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs will normally include a release allowing the CA licensing Board to access your employment records and personnel file. The letter often threatens the use of a subpoena if the CA professional licensee does not agree to sign the release.

Again, if you receive such a letter, you should immediately contact the Law Office of Jonathan Turner, which represents CA doctors, nurses, and all other licensees in the healthcare and medical fields who are being investigated due to complaints made by hospitals, former patients and colleagues, law enforcement, etc…

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The bottom line is if you are dealing with the suspension, revocation, or denial of your professional license, you should have experienced Sacramento professional license defense lawyer Jonathan Turner on your side. Do not hire an attorney who has limited administrative law experience as you have too much riding on the outcome of your situation. Sacramento, California nursing license attorney Jonathan Turner has handled hundreds of professional licensing cases since 1998 from the initial investigation stage, to issuance of an Accusation or Statement of Issues, all the way to administrative hearing and even appeals in the form of administrative writs of mandate.


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