Your counsel throughout this process has been invaluable to us. Your expertise and support have not only eased our anxiety but also made a significant difference in navigating through everything. Knowing that we had your guidance made a world of difference. Once again, thank you for your dedication and support. We truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

P. D.
Teaching Credential

I just wanted to say thanks for your services. Your advice and knowledge kept me in my lane and the matter was resolved better than I could have hoped for. If I ever know of anyone who needs your services, my profession or otherwise, then I will refer them to you. Thanks again and well done sir.

K. C.
Certified Residential Property Appraiser

Mr. Turner is kind and approachable to his clients. He responded promptly to all my concerns. He helped me the best he could and treated me as a whole person with a reduced fee during my difficult time. I appreciate his ethics.


Jonathan Turner is an extraordinary attorney. He is readably available to respond to my many questions; he is an excellent listener; he is honest and provides brilliant legal analysis and recommendations and, as a result, I was able to settle my case fully satisfied. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Turner’s professional legal services.

Credentialed Teacher

My case was unique in an array of ways as I was utterly shocked, dumbfounded, and did not ever expect to be reported to the CTC for educational misconduct. In the initial proceedings, I had thought that my case would be closed, but that unfortunately did not happen. My case ended up going to formal proceedings and requested to have a hearing with the committee of credentials. I was initially very concerned about finding the “correct kind” of representation for my case. Thankfully, I came across Jonathan Turner and after having my initial conversation with Jonathan, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, experience, and knowledge. In addition, I was most impressed by Jonathan’s prompt responses to all my emails and questions as I was going through the process. Jonathan helped significantly with building a strong case on my behalf. At the hearing, I was a nervous wreck, but Jonathan walked me through the entire process ahead of time and provided the perfect closing statement on behalf of my case. About a week after the hearing, Jonathan emailed me to let me know that my case was closed with no adverse actions taken against me. Although this whole experience was stressful and elevated my anxieties, I would not have been able to get through the process without Jonathan’s help. I am indebted to Jonathan and everything he did for me.

Credentialed Teacher

I came to Jonathan with accusations of negligence in my teaching profession. These accusations hit me so hard personally. I had never had this happen before. Through working with Jonathan and listening to his excellent counsel, I was exonerated and retained my credentials fully. This would not of been possible without Jonathan’s counsel.

Credentialed Teacher

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. During the course of my case, even though I was not present in the state of California as I live in Texas and was needing my non–resident license, Jonathan was there every step of the way through constant correspondence, aiding me in what was needed to have my license in my hand. Thank you for a smooth and expedited process Jonathan!!

CA Department of Insurance Licensee

Words cannot describe what a experienced, professional, and knowledgeable attorney Mr. Turner is. His vast experience with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has lead to the successful granting of my credential. He was able to not only handle the complex nature of my case but successfully defended me at an Administrative Hearing. He is fair and equitable in terms of his cost for his services. If you need an experienced attorney with a vast knowledge of the CTC, Mr. Turner is your attorney!


Jonathan – You have no idea what this means. My hands are shaking. I’ve been so frustrated with myself for my emotional display… I told my parents that if I have a remote chance to get through this without an Appeal, it was because of your support & your words. What you said to them was perfect. It would be the only way for me to come out of this…

I cannot thank you enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking in there & helping me… Your amazing, and I appreciate it so much…..

Credentialed Teacher

I am very pleased with the legal services provided by Jonathon Turner. Mr. Turner was excellent at communication, follow-up and consistently kept me informed with the progress of my case. I appreciated his attention to detail, level of professionalism and patience. I would recommend Mr. Turner without hesitation.

Department of Social Services Licensee

Mr. Turner was fantastic with helping me to navigate my interactions with the Medical Board – he handled all communication, was very supportive and understanding during the whole process, and was critical during my hearing. I am beyond grateful for his help during such a challenging time. While I hope to never need these services again, it is a relief knowing that I have someone I can trust to help.

Medical Doctor (M.D.)

I was recently placed under investigation by the BRN of CA for an alcohol related incident ,which involved the police. The best decision I made was choosing Jonathan Turner as my attorney. Throughout the lengthy investigation process, Mr. Turner kept me regularly updated about my case. During a time of great anxiety and uncertainty, my attorney was a major calming influence. Due to my attorney,s professional expertise, he was able to get my case totally dismissed. I highly recommend Jonathan Turner in any situation when dealing with a licensing board.

Registered Nurse

I hired Mr. Turner after, my first attorney left for another job without notification and only suggestions for new attorneys. I looked online, contacted a few but went with my gut and chose him. Mr. Turner didn’t waste my time, and asked me to get ahold of him once my Accusation from the board came. Once the Accusation came, he was thorough about his approach, the outcome we both wanted was agreed upon. He was very responsive and professional with emails, personal calls and detailed in what we needed to do to present the case. When I got notification from him that the State Board accepted our proposal, I was in shock and completely delighted that the outcome was exactly what we wanted. I can not thank him enough, and highly recommend him to any nurse or profession whom may face a disciplinary action and needs professional help.

Registered Nurse

I hired Mr. Turner to guide and defend me through the whole process with my board’s accusations. He is kind, understanding, dedicated, and a pleasure to work with. I believe he has the integrity and knowledge needed of an attorney to support you during your most stressful time. I would highly recommend him to any of my colleagues, should they ever find themselves facing a disciplinary action by their board.

Respiratory Care Therapist

I very happy with the overall service from the office of Johnathan Turner. I first reach out to his office through google search for the specialty with chiropractic board of examiner. He was able to respond to my phone call right away and was very clear from the beginning about what he does and will do to help my case. In the process of preparing for the case; I am very please with Mr. Turner professionalism, work ethics, details in term of preparation for the cases, his thoroughness and of course his modest fee. The outcome was phenomenal, the citation withdrawal from the board with no fine. This is the best outcome that I could hope for; I owed all through the office of Johnathan Turner. I do not think the other offices that I have spoken through would able to help me as Mr. Turner did. So I am very happy to pass this on to other doctors who in need of his specialty, definitely give his office a call. Again my deepest appreciation to your great works.


I recommend the services of Jonathan Turner to anyone who is looking for a great, caring, careful, intelligent and honest attorney. I used his services in a very unusual and complicated matter before the Board of Medicine. He helped me to keep my medical license and to continue to be able to work and provide a living for my family and care for my patients. He was prompt in his replies to me, careful with his interactions with other attorneys, always helpful to me, and diligent in his follow through. I recommend him heartily and without reservation to anyone who may require his services.

Medical Doctor

I called Jonathan Turner after looking up many attorneys and thought that he would be the best fit for my case. As it turned out he was. He was extremely helpful from start to finish answering all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I felt that i could trust his advise and decisions regarding my case and what was in my best interest. Thank you Jonathan.


Mr. Turner was outstanding and worked very hard for me to get my Real Estate License approved after it was originally denied. Even though the BRE attorney said she would deny the license if I elected to go to hearing, he was successful. His communication and ethics are simply put – golden. I am grateful that he was successful for me. I highly recommend Mr. Turner


I was referred to Jonathan Turner from a friend that had used him from multiple DUI’s . He had amazing results that I felt may not be typical, but it was definitely worth trying as I also was charged with a multiple offense DUI.

From the moment that I spoke with Jonathan he was very thorough and made me feel very comfortable about the process. He had a great relationship with the DA and was able to get my charge dropped to a wet reckless and was very fair. He then went to bat with the DMW and was able to prevent my license from being suspended. I was very surprised and impressed.

I would recommend Jonathan to anyone as he is a true professional, has tons of experience and is great at what he does!


Jonathan Turner was incredibly responsive and was very thorough in explaining the entire CTC investigation and hearing process to me. He answered every question I had and was vital in facilitating the steps necessary to assure that I presented the strongest defense for myself.



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