Interim Suspension Orders

by | Jan 15, 2024 | California Medical Board

Interim Suspension Orders for Licensed California Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Dentists and Other Health Care Professionals

Interim Suspension Orders or “ISOs” are sought by a number of California professional licensing boards when the agency, represented normally by the Attorney General’s Office, believes the California licensed professional is unsafe to practice their profession. Often the CA Medical Board, CA Osteopathic Medical Board, CA Dental Board, CA Board of Registered Nursing, CA Board of Pharmacy, the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners, the CA Respiratory Care Board, etc… will seek an ISO if the doctor or nurse is suspected of having a substance abuse problem or accused of sexual misconduct. Many times the CA licensed professional will receive notice of the Interim Suspension Order while they have criminal charges pending.

If you are a CA licensed professional such as a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional and receive an ISO, you need to contact an experienced CA administrative law and professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner. The licensee has a right to challenge the ISO by requesting an administrative hearing to be held at the Office of Administrative Hearings before an administrative law judge. However, hearings to challenge interim suspension of a CA medical, nursing or other such license are tricky.

For example, the licensee, if they are facing corresponding criminal charges such as for theft, insurance fraud, diversion of narcotics or sexual battery, may have 5th Amendment Rights to remain silent which must be preserved and are not necessarily protected at an administrative hearing. As such, the licensee facing the ISO must be cautious about testifying at the ISO hearing.

Ultimately, an Interim Suspension Order can be negotiated with the CA Board and/or the attorney general and administrative law judge so that a compromise can be worked out allowing the CA licensed doctor, dentist, pharmacist, registered nurse, chiropractor, etc… to continue working (perhaps with supervision). In sum, if you are a CA licensed professional and received an Interim Suspension Order from your applicable licensing board or agency, contact the Law Office of Jonathan Turner right away. Such ISOs normally go into effect very quickly and thus must be addressed and responded to within days of receipt.

The Law Office of Jonathan Turner, representing licensed professionals in administrative law cases all over California from San Diego, Orange County, Riverside and Los Angeles to the Central Coast, Bay Area and Sacramento, can apprise you of your rights and the best course of action.


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