What is a Stipulated Settlement in a California Professional License Disciplinary Matter?

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Administrative Law

A disciplinary action brought by a CA licensing board or agency, such as the CA Medical Board, the CA Osteopathic Medical Board, the CA Physicians Assistant Board, the CA Chiropractic Board, the CA Board of Registered Nursing, the CA Occupational Therapy Board, the CA Speech Pathology Board, the CA Physical Therapy Board, the CA Respiratory Care Board, the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the CA Veterinary Medicine Board, the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences, the CA Board of Psychology, etc…, formally begins with the receipt of several documents in the mail – an Accusation (if you are a license holder) or a Statement of Issues (if you are a license applicant), a Notice of Defense, a Request for Discovery and a Statement to Respondent.

The Statement to Respondent normally indicates that “you may, but need not be, represented by counsel during any and all stages of the proceedings.” Firstly, do not be misled by this language. If you have not already done so, you should hire an administrative law/professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner immediately upon receipt of these documents. Administrative law proceedings are extremely complicated and require the specific expertise of a professional license defense lawyer like the Law Office of Jonathan Turner which represents doctors, nurses, teachers, psychologists, real estate brokers, licensed insurers, and all CA health care professionals throughout California. Keep in mind that your career is at stake thus retaining a CA administrative law attorney with nearly 20 years of experience successfully defending CA MDs, ODs, RNs, LVNs, PAs, RCTs, PTs, etc… like CA licensing attorney Jonathan Turner is key.

The Statement to Respondent document normally also has a section titled “Notice Regarding Stipulated Settlements.” First, this does not necessarily mean that the licensing board or agency is actually willing to settle your particular case as this is form language. Secondly, a stipulated settlement can include a wide range of settlements, all of which are not necessarily positive for the licensee or license applicant. For example, a stipulated settlement could include a public reproval, a probationary term (typically 3-5 years in length) with varying terms and conditions, a license suspension, or a revocation (often stipulated as a license “surrender” in such situations). Depending on the licensee’s employment status and career ambitions, even the most minor form of stipulated settlement – the public reproval – could be detrimental. In conclusion, you should never enter into any stipulated settlement with a CA licensing board without the retention and assistance of a CA professional license defense lawyer like Jonathan Turner. Moreover, CA license board attorney Jonathan Turner can assist you in negotiating the best possible stipulated settlement so that you may move on with your life and career.


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