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If you are being investigated by a California Professional Licensing Board or Agency such as the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, the CA Board of Registered Nursing, the Licensed Vocational Nursing Board, the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the Board of Behavioral Sciences, the CA Bureau of Real Estate, the CA Department of Insurance, etc… or if you anticipate being investigated by such, then you should retain the services of an experienced professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner immediately.

Unfortunately, I get contacted by people dealing with issues related to their professional licenses such as EMTs, Registered Nurses, Teachers, Medical Doctors, Real Estate Brokers, Court Reporters, Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Licensed Therapists, Psychologists, Chiropractors, etc… when they are deep into the license investigation process.

Often a licensee or prospective licensee does not think to hire an attorney until after their matter has been investigated by the board or agency and a formal complaint (Accusation or Statement of Issues) has been received. In fact, any person dealing with an investigation, formal or informal, with a CA licensing board or agency has the right to an attorney from the outset.

An experienced administrative law and professional license attorney can successfully guide the licensee beginning with the license application process and/or the initial review/investigation conducted by the CA licensing agency. For example, a good professional license defense attorney can work with the licensee in submitting documentation to the board or agency in an effort to convince the board to drop their investigation. Likewise, the CA license defense attorney can represent the licensee at any interviews conducted by the board or its investigators. This might include one-on-one interviews with a board investigator or an appearance before the board’s review/disciplinary committee or division.

In sum, if you have a CA professional license or are applying for a CA professional license, and you are notified by the governing board or agency of a review or investigation, then you should contact me – CA professional license defense attorney Jonathan Turner – right away for a free consultation.