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Administrative Law Attorney Sacramento California – Administrative Hearings

California professional licensing agencies such as the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Board of Registered Nursing, Board of Vocational Nursing, Medical Board, Board of Psychology, Department of Insurance, Department of Real Estate, Court Reporters Board, Board of Behavioral Sciences, Department of Social Services, Chiropractors Board, Dental Board, Veterinarians Board, etc… often seek to discipline or deny licenses based on criminal convictions and/or allegations of professional misconduct or gross negligence.

If a California licensing board decides to discipline or deny a license, the licensee’s only recourse is to request an administrative hearing.

Administrative Law Attorney Sacramento CaliforniaUnlike criminal defendants, respondents (licensees or license applicants) in administrative hearings are not automatically furnished lawyers. However, it is crucial that a licensee have an experienced California professional licensing/administrative lawyer representing them throughout the administrative hearing process. This includes having a licensing attorney handle the Notice of Defense in response to the licensing board’s Accusation or Statement of Issues. This also includes having the administrative attorney handle discovery issues and other pre-hearing proceedings.

Finally, it is vital to have an experienced California professional licensing attorney like me, Jonathan Turner, to handle the administrative hearing. Administrative hearings are formal court proceedings presided over by an administrative law judge and wherein the licensing board or agency is usually represented by a deputy attorney general. At these hearings there are unique rules of evidence, witnesses testify, and exhibits submitted to the court.

Having legal counsel for a California administrative hearing, which is normally held at an Office of Administrative Hearings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland or Sacramento, may be the difference in obtaining or holding onto your professional license be it a nursing license, teaching credential, real estate brokers license, etc… Even a short suspension of a license can impact your career forever as such actions are generally public record.

If your professional license is being investigated by a California licensing board, contact Administrative Law Attorney Sacramento California Jonathan Turner for an immediate consultation.

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Administrative Law Attorney Sacramento California – Law Office of Jonathan Turner

Administrative Law Attorney Sacramento California – Denial Hearings
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