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California Administrative Law Attorney – DMV Negligent Operator Actions

California Administrative Law Attorney

Moving traffic violations, such as speeding, DUI, reckless driving, etc… are assessed points.

Major traffic violations like DUI, wet reckless, reckless driving and speed contests count as 2 points on a person’s driving record.

Other violations such as speeding, red light violations, and at fault accidents count as 1 point. If a California driver accumulates 4 points in 12 months or 6 points in 24 months, DMV will seek to suspend the drivers license under California Vehicle Code section 12810.5. This is called a “negligent operator” action and is accompanied by a letter/notice in the mail from DMV alerting the driver of the proposed suspension. However, the licensee does have the opportunity to contest the negligent operator suspension in the form of an administrative hearing before a DMV hearing officer. If DMV seeks to suspend your license for too many points, contact Sacramento Drivers License Lawyer Jonathan Turner.

California administrative law attorney Jonathan Turner has vast experience in handling such DMV hearings. Frequently, Jonathan Turner is successful in winning the DMV hearing and thus saving his clients from drivers license suspensions that often jeopardize their careers.

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California Administrative Law Attorney – Law Office of Jonathan Turner

California Administrative Law Attorney – DMV Negligent Operator Actions
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