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Sacramento CA Administrative Law Lawyer – Factors Considered

Sacramento CA Administrative Law Lawyer
A professional license holder or applicant may be investigated by one of California’s numerous licensing agencies and boards (Department of Real Estate, Department of Insurance, Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Board of Registered Nursing, Board of Vocational Nursing, Contractors Board, Department of Social Services (governing day care licenses), etc…) for any alleged crime or act of dishonesty or professional misconduct. In evaluating the licensee, the agency will look at various factors. Some of these factors often include: the seriousness of the alleged act and whether it constitutes a crime of moral turpitude such as theft, fraud or violence; the remoteness in time of the alleged conduct; if a crime is at issue, whether an expungement or dismissal under California Penal Code section 1203.4 was obtained; the likelihood that the alleged conduct will occur again; whether the professional licensee has undergone rehabilitation; whether the license applicant or holder is remorseful for their conduct; and whether the licensee accepts responsibility for the conduct at issue.

The above are just some of the factors California professional licensing agencies consider in disciplinary proceedings. If you are applying for or hold a California professional license (e.g. contractors license, teaching credential, RN license, LVN license, brokers license, therapists license, day care license, insurance license, etc…) and are being investigated by a licensing board or agency for alleged misconduct, contact Sacramento, California professional licensing attorney Jonathan Turner. Sacramento, California administrative law attorney Jonathan Turner has been handling all stages of professional licensing cases from early investigation to Accusation to administrative hearing to writs of mandate since 1998.

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Sacramento CA Administrative Law Lawyer – Law Office of Jonathan Turner (916) 471-6506

Sacramento CA Administrative Law Lawyer – Factors Considered
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