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If you are seeking to obtain a professional license or hold a professional license and your moral character is called into question, perhaps because of a criminal conviction, you may need an administrative lawyer. Administrative lawyer Jonathan Turner handles teaching credentials, psychologist licenses, therapist licenses, insurance licenses, day care licenses, nursing licenses, medical licenses, brokers licenses, contractors licenses, and any other professional licensing matter in California.

If your license or license application is being investigated you have the right to an administrative hearing. Once you request your administrative hearing to fight for your license, you will receive either an Accusation (for license holders) or a Statement of Issues (for license applicants) from the licensing board. Thereafter, an administrative hearing will be set usually at one of California’s offices of administrative hearings (OAH). OAH has offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento. Professional Licensing Attorney Jonathan Turner has experience handling administrative cases all over California.

Prior to your administrative hearing you also have a right to a settlement conference to see if your licensing case can be settled without the necessity of an administrative hearing. As an experienced administrative law attorney Jonathan Turner has not only participated in numerous administrative hearings but has also secured excellent outcomes for his clients at these settlement conferences.

If you have a professional licensing i.e. administrative law matter anywhere in California, you should contact licensing attorney Jonathan Turner.