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The California Department of Insurance (“DOI”) oversees the issuance of insurance licenses for brokers and agents in California.

The Department is very diligent about investigating insurance agents and brokers regarding allegations of fraud as well as other alleged crimes including misdemeanor and felony convictions.

Furthermore, the DOI has a very strict policy (see California Insurance Code section 1729.2) requiring licensees to immediately report criminal and administrative actions taken against them by outside agencies. For example, if you are a licensed insurance agent or broker and commit a crime, you are required to report that matter to the Department of Insurance within 30 days of the matter’s resolution i.e. being convicted. Failure to do so may be additional grounds for discipline.

The professional license defense Law Office of Jonathan Turner has experience since 1998 in dealing with California’s various licensing agencies including the CA Department of Insurance, regarding the proposed discipline or denial of professional licenses. If you are a licensed insurance agent or bail bond agent or broker or seeking to obtain a license to become one, and you are arrested or convicted of a crime or otherwise accused of professional misconduct, contact the Law Office of Jonathan Turner. The DOI acts very fast in seeking discipline in such cases by issuing a formal complaint – Accusation (for license holders) and Statement of Issues (for license applicants). These documents require a quick response which is best handled by an experienced insurance license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner.

If the DOI threatens your license with discipline such as suspension or revocation, or denies your license application, you have the right to contest such actions in the form of an administrative hearing. However, administrative hearings are complex legal proceedings that entail discovery, subpoenas, and unique rules of evidence. Administrative hearing defense attorney Jonathan Turner has handled scores of administrative hearings all over California. Since 1998 he has obtained spectacular results for his clients both before administrative hearing in the form of stipulated settlement agreements and after hearing via decision by administrative law judge (ALJ). Contact the Sacramento license defense Law Office of Jonathan Turner for a free consultation.


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