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The Court Reporters Board of California, which is part of the Department of Consumer Affairs and based in Sacramento, California, oversees the licensing for certified court reporters.

The Court Reporters Board typically denies, suspends or revokes licenses due to criminal convictions, dishonesty (including failure to disclose a criminal conviction to the Board), and unprofessionalism.

If the Board seeks to deny, suspend, revoke or otherwise discipline a court reporters license, the licensee will receive a formal complaint in the form of an Accusation or Statement of Issues.

If you are a California court reporter or seeking to become one and the Board is investigating your “moral fitness” to hold the license due to misconduct, contact Sacramento license defense attorney Jonathan Turner right away. The aforementioned complaints (Accusation and Statement of Issues) require an immediate response by the licensee and are best handled by an administrative law attorney.

Following this response to the complaint, the matter is set for an administrative hearing at one of California’s offices of administrative hearings located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento. Court Reporters License Defense Attorney Jonathan Turner has handled dozens of administrative hearings all over California. Note, it is crucial that you have an experienced administrative hearing attorney as such hearings are formal legal proceedings involving live witnesses, subpoenas, documentary evidence, and unique rules and laws found in part in the California Administrative Procedures Act (APA).

Professional Licensing Defense Law Attorney Jonathan Turner has a proven track record in salvaging the professional licenses, and hence careers, of numerous California professionals. One such case Mr. Turner handled involved a court reporter attempting to obtain her license from the Court Reporters Board/Department of Consumer Affairs. This applicant had a prior felony conviction. Upon retaining Mr. Turner’s services, Mr. Turner, who also has a criminal defense background, was able to petition to have her felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor and thereafter set aside and dismissed pursuant to California Penal Code section 1203.4. Such aggressive actions may have been the difference in this aspiring court reporter ultimately getting her license from the Board.

If you are a court reporter and dealing with the possible discipline or denial of your license from the Court Reporters Board, contact Sacramento license defense attorney Jonathan Turner for a free consultation.


If you received a denial of a professional license or any threat to your ability to continue practicing your profession, please contact attorney Jonathan Turner using this contact form or call (916) 471-6506 for a personal conversation.

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