The California Board of Pharmacy, which is part of the Department of Consumer Affairs and based in Sacramento, California, oversees licenses for registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, as well as intern pharmacists.

When initially applying for a license from the Board of Pharmacy, your license application may be denied for misconduct related to the duties of a pharmacist.

This includes, but is not limited to, criminal convictions (misdemeanor or felony), substance or alcohol abuse, fraud, dishonesty or other acts of unprofessionalism. If you are an applicant for a pharmacy license and have a criminal history, contact an experienced professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner right away.

If your pharmacy license is denied, you have a right to appeal that denial in the form of an administrative hearing. Again, you should have an experienced pharmacy license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner on your side at this point. Administrative hearings are formal legal proceedings that include a complaint called a Statement of Issues served on the license applicant. Thereafter, the applicant’s attorney must file a response called a Notice of Defense and Request for Discovery within 15 days with the Board. Since 1998, Mr. Turner has handled scores of administrative hearings from the early discovery, subpoena, and pre-settlement conference phase all the way to hearing which includes live witnesses, documentary exhibits, and unique rules of evidence (found in the Administrative Procedures Act). If you are an applicant in an administrative hearing, you carry the burden of proof to establish that you are “morally fit” to hold the license. This is why you should have an administrative law attorney like Jonathan Turner in your corner.

Likewise, if you hold a license from the Pharmacy Board and are accused of misconduct and/or commit a crime, the Board may seek to discipline i.e. suspend or revoke your license. Again, if you find yourself in this position, contact pharmacy license defense attorney Jonathan Turner. License discipline may also include an administrative hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ).

Following any administrative hearing decision, the licensee or license applicant must accept the ALJ’s decision or appeal it in the form of an administrative writ of mandamus or writ of mandate. Professional license defense attorney Sacramento Jonathan Turner is also the rare attorney well-versed in handling writs of mandate to challenge the discipline of California professional licenses in superior court.


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