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The Board of Chiropractic Examiners for the State of California is part of the Department of Consumer Affairs and oversees the licensee of chiropractors.

The Board is located in downtown Sacramento, California a few blocks from the Law Office of Jonathan Turner.

If a chiropractor is believed to have engaged in an act of fraud, the Board will conduct an investigation. This may include a citation and imposed fees and/or a notice of abatement which essentially requires the chiropractor to comply with specific directives from the Board. If the chiropractor wants to contest the citation, abatement notice, or other discipline by the Board, they are entitled to request an administrative hearing.

In deciding whether to request an administrative hearing, the chiropractor or applicant to be a chiropractor, should consult with an experienced professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner. Administrative hearings are complex proceedings beginning with the Board of Chiropractic Examiners issuing a formal complaint called an Accusation or Statement of Issues. A response to the complaint from the licensee and their attorney, known as a Notice of Defense and Request for Discovery, is required within 15 days of the receipt of the complaint.

Thereafter the matter is set for a hearing usually held at the California Office of Administrative Hearings located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento. Mr. Turner has vast experience in handling hearings all over California. These hearings entail live witness testimony, documentary evidence and unique laws found to an extent in the California Administrative Procedures Act (APA). Following the hearing, the presiding administrative law judge (ALJ) issues a written decision.

Chiropractor License Defense Attorney Jonathan Turner has handled dozens of administrative hearings involving professional licenses with excellent results wherein his clients’ licenses are salvaged i.e. not suspended, revoked or denied. If you are a chiropractor or chiropractor license applicant, and the Board of Chiropractic Examiners seeks to discipline your practice and/or license, contact professional license defense attorney California Jonathan Turner for a consultation. Your career as a chiropractor may depend on it.


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