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The CA Board of Podiatric Medicine is part of the CA Medical Board and the CA Department of Consumer Affairs located in Sacramento, CA and governs the licensing of all CA podiatrists.

The CA Podiatric Medicine Board could seek disciplinary action against a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine or DPM for many different reasons. Common reasons for an investigation or enforcement action by the BPM are insurance fraud or billing concerns, patient complaints regarding substandard care, unprofessionalism, gross negligence, conviction of a crime (felony or misdemeanor) including those involving alcohol or drugs, and license discipline that occurs in another state.

If you are a licensed CA podiatrist or are applying for your DPM license and are contacted by the Podiatric Medicine or CA Medical Board’s enforcement unit and/or an investigator with the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, it is highly recommended you contact an experienced CA medical license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner. If you are a CA podiatrist and receive anything from the DPM Board from a phone call or letter requesting a statement regarding a complaint or arrest to a formal license denial or Statement of Issues or Accusation, you should contact a CA podiatrist license defense attorney immediately.

CA professional license defense and administrative law attorney Jonathan Turner has represented numerous health care workers including doctors licensed by the CA medical board and its affiliates like the CA Podiatric Medicine Board during all stages of the license disciplinary process from early investigation and interviews through administrative hearings. If you are a CA podiatrist or podiatrist license applicant and are facing the potential denial, suspension, revocation or probation of your DPM license, contact CA medical board license defense lawyer Jonathan Turner for a free consultation.


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