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Defensing California Osteopathic Medical Doctors

The Osteopathic Medical Board of CA governs osteopathic doctors or D.O.s. Like the CA Medical Board governing MDs, the CA Osteopathic Board investigates a wide range of complaints against doctors in CA. That investigation often entails an interview with a Board investigator as well as an “expert” DO and possibly a deputy attorney general (who represents the Board in such license discipline matters).

The Osteopathic Board will investigate for numerous reasons. Some of the most popular reasons for a CA Osteopathic Board investigation, Accusation, or Statement of Issues/License Denial include a D.O. incurring a criminal conviction (misdemeanor or felony) such as those involving drugs or alcohol such as DUI, a complaint against a D.O. for gross negligence or unprofessional conduct like the improper dispensing of medication or narcotics and/or doing so without a thorough examination or proper diagnosis, or disciplinary actions (e.g. medical license probation, suspension, revocation, license surrender) taken by another state where the D.O. has had a license.

Any CA D.O. or prospective D.O. should contact an experienced CA medical license defense lawyer the moment they become aware of an investigation being conducted by the CA Osteopathic Medical Board. Any and all communications with the Board or its representatives, including the CA Department of Consumer Affairs and its team of investigators, could be used against the D.O. in a formal disciplinary matter including a subsequent administrative hearing before an administrative law judge at the CA Office of Administrative Hearings.

The Law Office of Jonathan Turner, which specializes in administrative law and defense of health care worker licenses in CA including Osteopathic Medical Licenses, can provide aggressive and knowledgeable legal defense of your CA medical license. CA Professional Medical License Defense Attorney Jonathan Turner can guide you through the complex and stressful process related to the discipline or attempted discipline of CA D.O. licenses. This includes representing CA D.O.s in interviews with the Board and its investigators, responding to license denials, Accusations, Statement of Issues, as well as administrative hearing.

In sum, if you are a D.O. or applying for your D.O. license in California and are dealing with the potential enforcement or discipline of your license including denial, probation, suspension or revocation, contact the medical license defense law specialists at the Law Office of Jonathan Turner.


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