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Optometry licenses in California are governed by the CA Board of Optometry located in Sacramento, CA. (Note, ophthalmology is governed by the CA Medical Board.) The Board of Optometry is a part of the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, also based in Sacramento. The Optometry Board will investigate complaints and criminal matters involving licensed optometrists. They will also investigate optometry license applicants with criminal convictions in their background. If you are contacted by a Board investigator or analyst within the Board’s enforcement section, it is wise to consult with an administrative law/optometry license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner.

Such investigations may ultimately lead to an Accusation seeking formal discipline of the license such as suspension or revocation, or a citation. Even a citation can damage an optometrist’s record and reputation and can be challenged via an informal conference and/or administrative hearing. For applicants with criminal histories, their license may be denied. If you are applying for an optometry license in California and have a criminal conviction in your background, contact administrative law and license defense lawyer Jonathan Turner. Optometry license attorney Jonathan Turner can assist you with your application so that the denial of the application and a resulting Statement of Issues can be avoided.

In short, if you are a licensed optometrist and are contacted by an optometry board investigator or receive an Accusation or Citation, or if you are a CA optometry license applicant and have a criminal background, contact the Law Office of Jonathan Turner right away for a consultation.


If you received a denial of a professional license or any threat to your ability to continue practicing your profession, please contact attorney Jonathan Turner using this contact form or call (916) 471-6506 for a personal conversation.

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