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Paramedic licenses in California are governed by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) based in Rancho Cordova, California just outside of Sacramento.

The Emergency Medical Services Authority has strict policies regarding disciplining of paramedics and those seeking to become paramedics.

These disciplinary guidelines are found within the California Health and Safety Code. Health & Safety Code section 1798.200 lists the reasons for paramedic license discipline which include fraud, gross negligence, incompetence, repeated acts of negligence, conviction of a crime, alcohol or drug addiction, and unprofessional conduct.

If EMSA believes a licensee or license applicant is guilty of the above, then they will likely seek discipline of the license including denial, suspension, revocation or probation. Even being placed on probation with EMSA is serious as paramedic license probation contains strict terms and conditions that will significantly dampen a paramedic’s job prospects.

Fortunately for the licensee, before EMSA can permanently discipline a license, the paramedic must be afforded an opportunity to contest the proposed discipline. This process is complicated and is best handled by an experienced professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner. For example, the process begins with EMSA issuing a formal complaint (an Accusation or Statement of Issues) which the licensee, preferably through their attorney, must respond to very quickly in the form of a Notice of Defense.

Thereafter, the matter is set for an administrative hearing at one of California’s offices of administrative hearings located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento. Paramedic/EMT license defense attorney Jonathan Turner has handled administrative hearings all over California with tremendous success for his clients. Administrative hearings are complex legal proceedings involving subpoenas, discovery, live witness testimony and unique rules of evidence found in the California Administrative Procedures Act. Since 1998, Jonathan Turner has acted as counsel for dozens of California professionals in such administrative hearings.

If you are a licensed paramedic or seeking to obtain your paramedics license, and the California Emergency Medical Services Authority seeks to discipline your license, contact administrative law attorney Jonathan Turner right away for a free consultation. Your career may depend on it.


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