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License Citations, Informal Conferences and Administrative Hearings

by | Feb 15, 2024 | Administrative Law

Many of California’s professional licensing agencies including the CA Podiatric Medical Board, CA Osteopathic Medical Board, the CA Medical Board, the CA Dental Board, the CA Board of Registered Nursing, the CA Pharmacy Board, the CA Chiropractic Board, the CA Board of Psychology, the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair, the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences, may issue citations for alleged misconduct. However, these citations can act as a black mark on a CA licensed healthcare professionals or other professionals licensing record.

For example, if a potential patient or client were to look up one’s license status or disciplinary history with their respective CA licensing Board, they will see the issuance of a citation. Seeing that citation annotation may cause many customers to go elsewhere.

Fortunately, a CA licensed professional, such as a medical doctor, osteopathic medical doctor, nurse practitioner, accountant, chiropractor, podiatrist, etc… has a right to contest a citation via an informal conference and/or an administrative hearing. If you are a licensed professional in California and receive a citation, you are encouraged to exercise these due process rights to an informal conference and an administrative hearing.

As such, you should contact professional license and citation defense lawyer Jonathan Turner to discuss your options in contesting a Board-issued citation. Administrative law attorney Jonathan Turner has represented numerous professional licensees who have received citations. This includes Mr. Turner preparing clients for the informal conference and then accompanying them to the conference itself which is generally held in Sacramento at the Board’s main offices. (Telephonic conferences are not encouraged.) CA nurse and doctor license defense attorney Jonathan Turner has been successful in persuading CA licensing agencies and boards to dismiss these citations following the informal conference.

It is also recommended that when contesting a citation issued by a California Board or Bureau, that the licensee request both the informal conference and the administrative hearing. This allows the licensee the right to a hearing before an administrative law judge should the informal conference not lead to the dismissal of the citation. Note, the time frame is limited to request the informal conference and administrative hearing – often 10-60 days after issuance of the citation, thus time is of the essence.

If you get a citation from your respective California licensing board, contact Sacramento professional license defense attorney Jonathan Turner right away to discuss your options.


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