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California Administrative Law

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Administrative Law

California Administrative Law

The Government Code and Professional Licensing Law

California Administrative Law pertains to the type of law that deals with professional licenses including the disciplining of those licenses. The California Government Code lays out some of the basic rules regarding the administrative law and professional licensing hearing process.

However, that basic administrative hearing process is then supplemented with specific sections, rules and regulations that may be found in the Education Code (in teacher credentialing cases), the Business and Professions Code and the California Code of Regulations. Each type of professional license in California, including teaching credentials, nursing licenses, health care professional licenses, real estate licenses, department of insurance licenses, licenses governed by the department of consumer affairs, contractors licenses, day care licenses, therapists licenses, etc… have their own specific rules and bylaws.

Administrative law is much different from criminal law or civil law (the two most common branches of law) and should be practiced only by attorneys very familiar with the professional licensing rules such as Sacramento, California professional licensing attorney Jonathan Turner. For example, hearsay evidence is generally not admissible in civil or criminal court proceedings. However, in adminstrative law hearings regarding professional licenses, hearsay may be admissible as “administrative hearsay.” This is just one example of how administrative law is starkly different from criminal and civil law. There are numerous other examples.

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The bottom line is if you are dealing with the suspension, revocation, or denial of your professional license, you should have experienced Sacramento, California administrative law attorney Jonathan Turner on your side. Do not hire an attorney who has limited administrative law experience as you have too much riding on the outcome of your situation. Sacramento, California nursing license attorney Jonathan Turner has handled hundreds of professional licensing cases since 1998 from the initial investigation stage, to issuance of an Accusation or Statement of Issues, all the way to administrative hearing and even appeals in the form of administrative writs of mandate.

What Is An Administrative Hearing?

Administrative hearings usually occur in matters regarding licenses including drivers licenses and day care licenses as well as professional licenses for occupations such as teaching and nursing. Administrative hearings with DMV concerning drivers license suspensions and revocations (for DUIs and negligent drivers for example) occur at DMV offices and are heard by a DMV hearing officer who is an employee of DMV.

DMV administrative hearings are governed by the California Vehicle Code as well as by the Government Code which deals with all sorts of administrative hearings and law. If DMV seeks to suspend or revoke your drivers license, contact Sacramento Drivers License Lawyer Jonathan Turner.

Administrative hearings concerning other types of licenses, such as nursing licenses, teaching credentials, contractors licenses, day care license, brokers licenses, real estate licenses, etc… tend to be more formal and are usally held at one of California’s Offices of Administrative Hearings before an Administrative Law Judge. These types of administrative hearings are similar to court trials except that there are no juries and the rules of evidence and procedure are primarily covered in the California Government Code/Administrative Procedures Act. Because of the complexity of such administrative hearings not to mention that one’s career may be at stake, a Sacramento, California Administrative Law Attorney like Jonathan Turner should be hired. Sacramento, California Administrative Law Attorney Jonathan Turner has participated in dozens of administrative hearings all over California from San Diego and Los Angeles on up to the Bay Area and Sacramento. Sacramento, California Teaching Credential Attorney Jonathan Turner has been successful in saving the professional licenses of many of his clients over the years.

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If you are facing the discipline of a professional license and dealing with one of California’s numerous licensing boards such as the Board of Registered Nursing, the Board of Vocational Nursing, the Board of Behavioral Sciences, the Department of Real Estate, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Social Services or the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, contact administrative law lawyer at the Law Office of Jonathan Turner for free consultation.

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