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California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Investigations & Discipline

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Teaching Credential

Administrative Services Credentials, Certificates of Clearance, and Speech-Language Pathology Credentials

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing issues various credentials, beyond simply teaching credentials, allowing one to work in California’s public schools. These include:

Administrative Services Credentials

These allow one to work in administration such as being a principal or an assistant principal. Administrators are not immune from being disciplined by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing including having their credentials denied, suspended or revoked. Similar to teachers, administrators may be subject to investigations conducted by the Commission’s Division of Professional Practices and its Committee of Credentials for reasons such as the conviction of a crime, misdemeanor or felony, or resigning from employment due to allegations of misconduct.

If you have an administrative services credential or are applying for one from the CTC, and you receive a letter stating that you are being investigated by the Commission and its Committee, contact CA Teacher Credentialing attorney Jonathan Turner right away for a free consultation.

Certificate of Clearance

Obtaining a Certificate of Clearance from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing is the first step in becoming a fully credentialed educator in California. Normally, an aspiring teacher must obtain such a Certificate upon entering a credentialing program so that they may do student teaching. A common problem is that the individual seeking the Certificate of Clearance has one or more criminal convictions in their past. This will often trigger an investigation/inquiry by the Commission and its Committee of Credentials. However, do not be discouraged.

Many aspiring teachers have prior misdemeanors and even felonies but are able to eventually become credentialed. If you are applying for a Certificate of Clearance and have a criminal background, contact the Law Office of Jonathan Turner. CA Credentialing Attorney Jonathan Turner has successfully represented numerous individuals with criminal convictions in their background ultimately obtain their teaching credentials in California including obtaining a Certificate of Clearance.

Speech–Language Pathology Credentials

California Speech-Language Pathologists who work in public schools often have licenses with both the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences and the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing. If a Speech-Language therapist is convicted of a crime such as driving under the influence, they will often be subjected to investigations leading to potential license discipline by the both the BBS and the CTC.

If you are such a Speech-Language Pathologist and you receive correspondence regarding an investigation from either the BBS or the CTC, it is important you consult with a CA Administrative Law and license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner. Mr. Turner has represented numerous speech therapists, including those who have suffered criminal convictions, successfully before both the Board of Behavioral Sciences and the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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