CA Medical Board, CA Dental Board and CA Psychology Board Investigations and Interviews of Licensees and Doctors

by | Apr 1, 2023 | Administrative Law

Beginning in 2018, Californians with adult and juvenile criminal records will have new opportunities to have those records sealed by courts.

When a California professional licensing board receives a complaint against a licensee or information of misconduct (such as a criminal or driving under the influence arrest or conviction), the board will conduct an investigation. The California Department of Consumer Affairs, which oversees the CA Pharmacy Board, the CA Board of Registered Nursing, the CA Chiropractic Board and a number of other licensing boards in the healthcare field has legions of investigators whose job it is to contact licensees and inquire into the alleged misconduct, gross negligence, and/or unprofessional conduct.

First, if you are a professional licensee in California and are contacted by an investigator with the CA Department of Consumer Affairs or your particular licensing board, it is important that you consult with a CA professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner before giving such an interview. This advice goes for CA licensed nurses, pharmacists, chiropractors, medical doctors, psychologists, physical therapists, respiratory care therapists, teachers or any other licensed CA professionals.

Additionally, the scope of such investigations and interviews of the licensee vary from CA licensing board to CA licensing board. For example, the CA Medical Board, the CA Osteopathic Medical Board, the CA Dental Board and the CA Board of Psychology conduct especially thorough investigations and interviews. For example, the board may invite the doctor to the interview to answer questions and explain the conduct underlying the complaint against the doctor. Unbeknownst to the doctor, when he or she walks into that interview, the investigator, a medical consultant and a deputy attorney general have already consulted with one another and strategized. They do not have the doctor’s best interest at heart. The doctor, dentist, or psychologist thus walks into this interview often caught off guard with difficult questions and having to address documents perhaps never seen before. Meanwhile, the entire interview is normally audio-recorded and will act as important evidence should the matter proceed to an Accusation and administrative hearing.

As such, if you are a CA medical or osteopathic medical doctor, a dentist or a psychologist and you are scheduled for such an interview, it is vital that you contact an administrative attorney like Jonathan Turner beforehand. Medical license defense attorney Jonathan Turner will prepare you for this interview, accompany you to this key interview before the board, and see to it that it is conducted fairly and in accordance to the rules and regulations concerning such license disciplinary interviews and investigations.

If you are a CA doctor, dentist, psychology or other health care professional, and you receive a phone call or a letter from your licensing board’s investigator regarding an interview, it is imperative that you contact CA professional license attorney Jonathan Turner right away.

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