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Citations and Accusations Brought by the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair Against Automotive Repair Dealers and Smog Check Stations

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Bureau of Automotive Repair

The California Bureau of Automotive Repair frequently monitors authorized Automotive Repair Shops and licensed Smog Shops all over California. As part of its monitoring process the BAR will conduct undercover operations. These operations may include bringing in a car to a repair shop to see if the shop makes unnecessary repairs and overcharges the customer.

In regards to licensed smog shops, they will bring in a car, usually an older model, to see if the shop (mistakenly) passes the vehicle.
Usually some weeks after the undercover operation is complete, a BAR representative will come to the repair shop or smog shop and serve them with either an Accusation seeking revocation or suspension of their license or authorization, or a citation seeking a fine.

If you are a CA automotive repair dealer and/or a licensed smog shop and receive an Accusation or Citation from the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair, you need to contact an experienced CA administrative and license defense lawyer right away. BAR citations and Accusations require an almost immediate response if they are to be contested and are best handled by an attorney as the BAR will be represented by an attorney of their own during the administrative hearing process.

CA Administrative and Automotive Repair License Defense Attorney Jonathan Turner represents repair shops and smog shops all over California in defending against citations and Accusations brought by the BAR. Smog shop license defense attorney Jonathan Turner can assist you in possibly working out a settlement with the BAR and its attorneys that will allow your shop to remain in business. As an experienced CA administrative law attorney, Mr. Turner can also assist your CA automotive repair or smog shop defend itself in an administrative hearing.

If you are an authorized automotive repair shop or licensed smog shop in California and receive a citation or Accusation from the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair, contact the Law Office of Jonathan Turner right away for a free consultation.


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