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Sacramento California Administrative Law Lawyer – Arrested for a Crime

If you are arrested for a crime, even a misdemeanor such as driving under the influence, and you have a professional license it is important that you engage the services of both a criminal attorney and an administrative/professional licensing law attorney.

Sacramento California administrative law lawyer Jonathan Turner is the rare attorney that practices both criminal defense law and administrative/professional license defense law.

Sacramento California Administrative Law LawyerThe impact a criminal arrest can have on a professional license such as a teaching credential, nursing license, real estate license, pharmacy license, medical/health services license, psychology and therapy license, etc… can be immediate. Some licensing boards and agencies requires licensees to report immediately any criminal arrest. Also, because most licensing agencies have every license holders fingerprints on file, they are alerted immediately when a license holder is arrested (and fingerprinted).

Depending on the alleged crime, there could be licensing consequences, such as suspended license, immediately upon arrest. Otherwise, the licensing agency may wait to investigate and take action against the license until after the criminal case has resolved. It is absolutely crucial that before a professional licensee resolves a criminal case that they and their criminal defense attorney consult with an experienced professional licensing defense attorney like Jonathan Turner. The specifics of the criminal case’s resolution will greatly impact what ultimately happens with the professional license down the road. Felony convictions are obviously more harmful for licensing purposes than a misdemeanor. However, even a misdemeanor conviction, especially one that involves “moral turpitude” such as fraud and theft, can be devastating on the license.

Sacramento California Administrative law lawyer Jonathan Turner can consult with a criminal defense attorney so that the criminal case is resolved in a way that gives the licensee the best chance of retaining their license in the future. If you hold a professional license issued by one of California’s boards or licensing agencies, such as the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the Board of Registered Nursing, the Pharmacy Board, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Board of Behavioral Sciences or the Board of Psychology, and you are arrested for any crime, contact Sacramento, California administrative law and professional licensing defense attorney Jonathan Turner for a free consultation.

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