Critical Need to Drive Licenses for Minors Facing Drug and Alcohol Offenses

Critical Need to Drive Licenses for Minors Facing Drug and Alcohol Offenses

Critical Need to Drive Licenses for Minors Facing Drug and Alcohol Offenses

California Vehicle Code section 13202.5(a) states that any person under 21 years of age who commits an offense involving drugs or alcohol is subject to a 12 month drivers license suspension. (If the minor does not yet have a license, their eligibility to obtain one will be delayed for an additional 12 months.) This suspension occurs regardless of whether the offense is an infraction or a misdemeanor, or whether the offense in question involved driving a car or not.

The most common violations that trigger this 12 month license suspension are possession of marijuana (CA Health & Safety Code section 11357), minor in possession of alcohol (CA Business & Professions Code section 25662), and underage drunk driving (CA Vehicle Code section 23140).

This 12 month license suspension can have harsh consequences for a minor that must drive for school and/or work purposes. This is why if you or your son or daughter are under 21 and dealing with a citation or charge involving drugs or alcohol, you should contact an experienced license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner. Mr. Turner, who has represented numerous minors in Sacramento, Davis, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Roseville, Granite Bay, and elsewhere, may be able to get the citation or charge completely dismissed. However, even if the charge cannot be dismissed, license defense lawyer Jonathan Turner may be able to obtain a “critical need to drive” license from the court.

Under CA Vehicle Code section 13202.5(c), a judge or court has the authority to grant a restricted drivers license to those who can make the appropriate showing to the court (see CA Vehicle Code section 12513). Judges and courts generally only give “critical need licenses” to those facing minor in possession, marijuana possession, etc… charges on a limited basis thus it is vital to have an attorney representing you in this critical process.

If you or your son and daughter receives a ticket, citation or criminal charges involving drugs or alcohol, contact Jonathan Turner for a free consultation.

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