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The CA Department of Consumer Affairs oversees the professional licensing for dozens of types of professional licenses including physical therapy licenses, nursing licenses, medical licenses, physicians assistant licenses, speech therapy licenses, pharmacist licenses, chiropractor licenses, dental and dental assistant licenses, and numerous other licenses in the health care and non-health care fields. If Consumer Affairs receives information that a licensee or license applicant has committed an act of dishonesty, crime or unprofessionalism, they will likely conduct an investigation. This investigation begins internally and often involves the scheduling of an interview between a Consumer Affairs investigator and the licensee. It is crucial that if you are a licensed through the CA Department of Consumer Affairs and are scheduled for an interview with one of the Department’s investigators, that you contact an experienced professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner immediately.

These interviews are a critical part of the process in determining whether the CA Department of Consumer Affairs will seek to deny, suspend or revoke the license. As an experienced defender of licenses governed by the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, Jonathan Turner can prepare you for this critical interview. Furthermore, Mr. Turner, as your health care license defense attorney, usually is permitted to accompany you to such an interview. These interviews may last hours and could infringe on your Fifth Amendment Constitutional Rights which is why it is important that you have an administrative law attorney present.

Following the interview, the Consumer Affairs investigator drafts a report. That report goes to the Consumer Affairs Enforcement Unit which then reviews the report. At that point the Enforcement Unit may determine that no or minimal discipline, such as a private reprimand, citation or fine is all that is required. Or, they may then seek denial, suspension or revocation of the license by forwarding the matter to the Attorney General’s Office for filing of a formal complaint called an Accusation or Statement of Issues.

If your professional license is being investigated by the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, contact Sacramento, California Professional License Defense Attorney Jonathan Turner for a free consultation.