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License Defense Lawyer Sacramento – Should I Hire A Professional License Defense Attorney?

If you are being investigated by a California licensing agency or board and/or your professional license or license application is threatened with discipline such as denial, suspension or revocation, you should be looking into hiring a professional license defense attorney.

In fact, you have the right to an attorney at all points during a professional licensing investigation – a fact that the governing license board may or may not tell you.

License Defense Lawyer SacramentoMost professional license investigations are handled by the board’s enforcement unit. Investigations are normally triggered either by a criminal conviction (possibly disclosed on a first-time or renewal application) or by a report to the board alleging unprofessional conduct and/or fraud. At this point, the board’s enforcement unit or division of professional practices may contact the licensee or license applicant requesting additional information about the alleged misconduct. It is crucial that the licensee retain the services of an experienced professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner right away. It is also advantageous if the professional license defense attorney is located near the offices of the licensing agency or board. Most California licensing boards and agencies including the Department of Consumer Affairs are based in Sacramento, California.

By retaining a local administrative law attorney like Jonathan Turner early in the investigation the licensee or license applicant increases their chances of nipping the investigation in the bud so that it does not bloom into a formal disciplinary matter requiring an administrative hearing. Since 1998 Mr. Turner has been successful in working with licensees at the investigation’s inception assisting his clients in presenting the best and most appropriate documents to the board and then directly working with the board’s enforcement unit and attorneys in putting a stop to the investigation.

If you are a licensed nurse, teacher, insurance agent, psychologist, occupational therapist, real estate agent or broker, medical doctor, or other professional licensee or seek to obtain a license in one of these fields, and you are being investigated by the governing licensing board or agency, contact license defense lawyer Sacramento Jonathan Turner right away for a free consultation.

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License Defense Lawyer Sacramento – Law Office of Jonathan Turner

License Defense Lawyer Sacramento – Should I Hire A Professional License Defense Attorney?
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