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The Dental Board of California, which is part of California Department of Consumer Affairs and is based in Sacramento, California, oversees licenses for dentists and dental assistants.

California Dental License DefenseThe Dental Hygiene Committee of California, which is also part of the Department of Consumer Affairs and based in Sacramento, California, oversees licenses for dental hygienists. Both the Dental Board and the Dental Hygiene Committee are governed by the Dental Practice Act which is covered in both the California Business & Professions Code and the California Code of Regulations. Additionally, like all professional license disciplinary matters, dental-related license discipline is also controlled by the California Administrative Procedures Act (APA) found in the California Government Code. As such, investigations by the Dental Board or Dental Hygiene Committee are complex affairs meaning the investigated party, be they a license holder or applicant, should have an experienced professional license defense attorney like Jonathan Turner in their corner.

The Dental Board has a team of investigators that look into licensees and applicants alleged to have committed crimes (misdemeanor or felony) as well as fraud, unprofessionalism or acts of dishonesty. As soon as the Dental Board’s investigators are involved, the dentist, dental assistant or hygienist should have an administrative lawyer retained. If the licensee and/or their attorney cannot quell the Board’s investigation, then the matter will likely be forwarded to the attorney general’s office for prosecution i.e. discipline or denial of the dental license.

This process begins with the licensee receiving a formal complaint called an Accusation (for license holders) or Statement of Issues (for a license applicant). An immediate response to this complaint should be filed by the licensee’s attorney in the form of a Notice of Defense and Request for Discovery. Thereafter the matter is set for an administrative hearing to be held typically at one of California’s Offices of Administrative Hearings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento.

Dental License Defense Attorney Jonathan Turner has successfully represented dozens of clients in such administrative hearings all over California. Mr. Turner is experienced in the nuances of such hearings which include live witness testimony, subpoenas, documentary exhibits and unique rules of evidence. Since 1998 Mr. Turner has salvaged the professional licenses of hundreds of clients including those in the dental profession.

If you are a dentist, dental assistant, or dental hygienist or if you are applying to become one, and the Dental Board or Hygienist Committee is investigating your fitness to hold the license due to alleged prior misconduct, contact dental license defense attorney Jonathan Turner for a free consultation.

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